1. Getting Started

● For everyone

 This agreement stipulates the use of event space (hereinafter referred to as “the facility”) managed and operated by Hiroaki Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “our company”).

 Please make sure that you fully comprehend the contents of this agreement and observe it when using it.

Also, when using this facility, please make smooth implementation by fully understanding this regulation and various regulations, considering the safety aspects of visitors to the utmost.

1) Location of responsibility

The implementation of the event involves social and legal responsibility.

The user is responsible for all responsibility including compensation for loss when the facility and neighborhood are damaged depending on the advertisement / event performed.

2) License for the event

We have the right to final decision on whether or not to implement the event, and as a result of review, we may refuse advertisement / event execution. Also, we are not responsible for expressing the reasons.

3) Management responsibility

Regarding accidents that occurred during the period of use, we are responsible for all users, not only the users themselves but also acts of related contractors and visitors, so please take all possible precautions to prevent accidents.

Regarding the security of the event space in the facility, carry-out security, at the user’s responsibility, consign it to a security company or arrange security officers, strive to prevent traffic, fire, accidents etc Please give me.

In addition, users are requested to participate in various insurance such as damage compensation insurance, accident insurance and event cancellation insurance necessary for the responsibility and burden of the user.

4) Indemnity and damages

We are not responsible for any accidents such as theft, breakage, etc. that occurred within our facility during the use period.

If you damage or lose this facility and its facilities, furniture, etc. during the use period, you will be required to compensate the amount of the damage to the user.

For goods or cash and valuable items brought into the facility by users during the period of use, they are managed by the responsibility of the individual user and the facility will not compensate for the damage.

5) Restoration of original condition and cleaning management

The original state restoration and cleaning of the facilities to be used will be done by the user and we will inspect at the end of the use of this facility.

In addition, if special cleaning accompanying holding is necessary, please use our designated company.

If the user does not restore the original state or there is a shortage in the original state recovery, we will restore the original state (including removal, disposal etc.) and charge actual expenses required for recovery.

6) Implementation plan and application

We will submit the implementation plan document in advance from the user. In order to confirm its contents, a meeting is required in advance. In some cases it is necessary to discuss with related government agencies.

Various applications such as a permit will be required for various work within the facility.

2. Prohibited matter

● Prohibited items of this facility

 Events corresponding to the following items can not be implemented.

  1. Those whose responsibility is unclear
  2. Items whose contents and purposes are unclear
  3. Violate related laws or regulations, or there is a fear thereof
  4. Those that discriminate against race, ethnicity, status / status, region, occupation, gender, disease or disability, things that may violate human rights, such as infringement of privacy or sexual harassment
  5. Those that lose the honor of another person or that are likely to slander or slander
  6. Those that are likely to lose credit or interfere with business
  7. Antisocial or non-moral content that may disturb the social order
  8. Fraudulent or what is regarded as so-called bad commercial law
  9. Things that are similar to non-scientific or superstitious, which may disturb visitors or give you unease
  10. Things that are likely to significantly affect speculation, shocking hearts etc.
  11. Things that could hinder healthy development of young people
  12. Those judged by us that there is the possibility of developing into a dispute or future dispute during the trial, related to the issue itself
    However, it can be implemented only for those that our company has confirmed that it does not slander or slander the opponent and not expressing extreme expression or assertion of uncertainty, there is public nature etc, staying in the expression of objective facts
  13. Social evaluation of our company, what seems to decrease the quality of our facility
  14. Those that may cause us disadvantage by implementing the event
  15. Acts contrary to laws or public order and morals
  16. Behind the other customer’s inconvenience
  17. Usage other than purpose of use at the time of application
  18. Acts that may foul or damage this facility / equipment etc
  19. Bringing in flammable or flammable items and dangerous goods
  20. Smoking outside the designated area
  21. Acts that may cause annoyance or discomfort to the surroundings, such as the occurrence of volume, vibration, odor, which exceeds our standards
  22. Users are antisocial forces
  23. Acts that foster the activities of antisocial forces or that may contribute to the management of antisocial forces
  24. Bringing in living organisms other than guide dogs, assisting dogs, and hearing dogs
  25. Sales, donation, posting, distribution of printed matter, shooting for purposes other than event recording, or similar acts
  26. Users are permitted to conduct events related to mourning, such as a legal affair
  27. Other acts that we deem inappropriate for management and operation
  28. Transfer and sublease all or part of the usage right of the facility to a third party

3. User’s duty

● Responsibilities of users

  1. Please use this facility with the attention of good manager.
  2. Observe the terms of use of the facility and the matters stipulated by relevant laws and regulations, as well as stakeholders, visitors, etc. of workers.
  3. While communicating with and coordinating with the Company, please maintain order to the facility and its surroundings, organize / guide visitors, manage and supervise stakeholders such as workers, stolen · prevent accidents etc.
  4. In case we decide that consultation about security and derivation system is necessary, users consult with us in advance and follow our instructions.
  5. In this case, the user should take care of guarding, arranging and guiding visitors, etc. at the user’s responsibility and burden.
  6. In preparation for unexpected accidents or accidents, please confirm emergency exit, evacuation guidance method, fire extinguisher’s location, etc. before using this facility, and also be familiar with stakeholders and others.
  7. Please contact the fire department, the police, the public health center designated by the law necessary for the use of this facility, and confirm the application at the user’s responsibility. Please contact us for details.

4. Compliance matter

1) Precautions on disaster prevention

  1. Please prepare detailed drawings in our facility (specifying parts to be used as events, placement status of escape routes etc etc) and submit it in advance.
  2. Please use curtains, curtains, plywood for display and other accessories with flameproof performance.
  3. Bring inflammable materials to the minimum necessary, please use furniture etc as incombustible as possible and do not increase fire weight.
  4. When using as a venue for mini concerts, piano recitals, etc., please comply with the criteria of the auditorium (fire prevention ordinance Article 48) and the capacity standard (fire prevention ordinance Article 53).
  5. Please do capacity control. Please plan in advance if you exceed the capacity.
  6. Please prepare a fire fighting plan that specifies responsibility sharing by each user, and carry out self-defense fire drills based on it in advance.
  7. In case of unusual and unusual usage forms including those related to the above, please consult with us in advance.

2) Precautions concerning carry-in / carry-out / setting / removal

  1. You can not decorate hiding the peripheral commercial stores.
  2. Please be careful with the volume when setting up and removing. There is a possibility that it may be canceled if complaints are received from inside or outside the facility.
  3. Late night setting · Acoustics · Lighting · Art · Power supply construction, etc, witness fee by designated contractor will occur separately.
  4. Prioritize safety to all, we ask for consideration for safety. Regarding work on setting high altitude work, heavy objects, large exhibits, please be sure to take safety measures according to laws and regulations.
  5. Regarding the permission and approval to the fire department, police and public health center necessary for the event, please check at the responsibility of the user.
  7. When entering the vehicle, please attach an inducer for safety confirmation.
  8. Please take garbage home with you as a general rule. When we receive processing, it will be charged.
  9. You can not nail buildings and incidental facilities.

5. Application for use

1) Application period

Regarding sales days of the event space in our facility, we will decide upon each occasion.

2) Review

We will send you a “”Notice of Decision”” when we can use it after reviewing the user and planning content at our company. With the sending of the “”decision notice””, we will make a decision to use (reservation made).

* Please note that cancellation from the decision (reservation establishment) point will be subject to a predetermined cancellation fee.

* When there is a great difference between the plan to be submitted at the time of application and the contents to be carried out, there are cases where we refuse to change the contents or to carry out the event.

3) Pre-adjustment

  1. Submission of implementation plan
    For each employee, please prepare an implementation plan etc 45 days before the date of implementation and submit it to our company.
    ※ As a result of checking the implementation plan at our company, we may adjust the contents, etc. as necessary.
  2. Pre-meeting, various applications
    Please submit as much as possible the information on the event contents, such as the operation manual, implementation layout, implementation system diagram, time schedule, construction plan, etc. based on the implementation plan 30 days before the implementation date.
    ※ If you have a distribution, please submit the sample at this time.
    ※ As a result of checking various materials at our company, we may adjust the contents, etc. We will adjust.
  3. Final meeting
    Final confirmation and adjustment will be made for all matters such as the execution of the event, the operation plan, including the delivery of the previous application by 15 days prior to the implementation date, and we will make every effort.
    Please submit all the documents and materials requested to submit the change correction last time, please be sure to submit.
    We will also report notifications to relevant government agencies.
    ※ The schedule above is approximate. Depending on the event content, the timing and number of meetings will also change.
     Specific times Date and time etc will be adjusted again.
    ※ Regardless of the above schedule, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

6. usage fee

1) Charges

Please see each price list on the separate sheet.

2) Event spaces attendance management fee

● In-service fee

①Witness / baton work management fee: It is necessary to have an attendance of our company designated company.

②Electrical Construction Expenses: As for electrical work, an electrician in line with laws and regulations is required.

③Security company Assembly management fee: In case of using event space, attendance of a security company designated by this facility is required.

④Cleaning fee: If you decide that cleaning is necessary after using the event space, you will be charged a cleaning company designated by this facility.

⑤When using acoustic lighting equipment possessed by the facility, a worker is required in addition to the witness workers.

⑥When using an acoustic lighting facility possessed by a facility and operation is required, an operator labor cost is required in addition to the set-up workers.

※ It may not be possible to respond to the work schedule change of the day.

● Expenses

① Water utility costs will be incidental to the use hours.

3) Payment method and due date

Invoice will be issued after reservation is established.

Please transfer the full amount of the posting fee and usage fee to the designated account 30 days before the implementation date.

In addition, we will issue a bill after the end of use so that we can issue fees for various expenses such as incidental facility usage fee, overtime extension fee, electricity usage fee, designated contractor related expenses in the event space of our facility. Please transfer by the end of the next month.

※ Please bear the transfer fee by the user.

※ If you can not pay the posting fee · usage fee · TV fee by the prescribed deadline, we will consider it as cancellation and we will cancel the reservation beforehand.

7. Cancel reservation (cancel)

1) Canceled by the user

If you decide to cancel the reservation due to the circumstances of the user after the use decision (reservation is made), please submit “”Cancellation Application Form””.

Please note that cancellation of verbal can not be accepted.

In addition, we will charge a cancellation fee as below as the start date.

2) Cancellation fee

・From usage decision (reservation establishment) until 61 days before use start・・・・・・・・・・・・・・50%

・From 60 days ago to 31 days before the start date・・・・・80%

・From 30 days before use start date until today・・・・・100%”

8. Stop reservation / Stop using

1) Cancellation of reservation, matters that stop usage

In the event that it falls under the following items, even if it is already reserved or you are already using this facility, we may cancel the reservation and stop using it. As a result, we will not be held liable for any damages even if there is a case to the user.

①When it is recognized that it falls under each item of “”2. Prohibited items””

②If there is a false statement in the application form

③When the use of this facility becomes impossible due to force majeure such as natural disasters or unexpected accidents / disasters

④When there is an unavoidable reason in management and operation of our company

⑤When the user violates the matters specified in these Terms of Service

⑥When notification to fire department, police, public health center is incomplete or when it becomes impossible to use in the application for approval / rejection of events to relevant local governments

⑦In the case of requesting payment of the usage fee specified in the above “”6. Usage Fee””, if there is no payment by the deadline

⑧Implementation of advertisement / event to the facility by the user The application shall be deemed to have guaranteed that the user is not an antisocial forces, and if any facts contrary to the commitment are found, any notice shall be made We will cancel reservation and stop using.

2) Treatment of cancellation at the time of cancellation of reservation and suspension of use

● Reservation cancellation

 In case of cancellation of reservation due to reasons (1), (2), (5), (6), (7), and (8) before use, we regard as cancellation and will charge a predetermined cancellation fee. In case the reservation is canceled due to reasons ③ and ④, it will not be subject to the request.

● Cancellation during use

 If the use is canceled due to reasons (1), (2), (5), (8) above during the period of use, no entry fee, use fee or award fee received from the user will be refunded regardless of the reason .

 In addition, you will be required to pay actual expenses that occurred at a later date.

 In case of discontinuation due to reasons ③ and ④, it will not be subject to the request.