120,000yen (1day)
Theaters, lectures
160,000yen (1day)
Music lives, club events
80,000yen (1day)
Public lectures,initiation ceremony
60,000yen (1day)
Exposition, meetings

*Hire time is also possible.
 There are also discounts for Kofu citizens.
 For details, please contact us from the inquiry form.

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About the payment

After finishing the contract, the payment ammount will be issued to the customer.
The money depocit will be necessary to be done the 100% at least 30 days before the day it will be on use to the adress notified.
Also the charges generated by incidental installation fee, out of schedule hours extension charge, electricity charge, specific contractor-related costs, will be collected until the next month’s last days calculating from the month of the place using date.

*The bank transfer fee will be paid by the customer
*If the payments of the place reserving charge, broadcasting and the posting fee are not done until the appointed time, automatically the treat will be eliminated so please be careful.

*For more details search on the user agreements.